• 不要在浴缸或水槽等潮湿的地方火博体育网址电器.
  • 火博体育网址电器前先把手擦干.
  • Keep electric heaters on level surfaces and 6-8 feet from furniture, curtains and drapes.


  • 火博体育网址儿童保护的插座.
  • 只将电源插头插入插座.
  • 检查电线/延长线是否磨损.
  • 闪烁的灯光, unusual smells and power interruptions could be signs that there is a problem – check all appliances and panels.
  • The third prong on extension cords is a safety feature designed to reduce the risk of electrocution or shock and should never be bent back or removed.


  • Improperly installed emergency power generators can expose your family to carbon monoxide poisoning and our crews to severe injury – or even death.
  • 永远不要把发电机直接连接到家里的电线上 unless your home has been wired for generator use. This can cause backfeeding along power lines and electrocute anyone coming in contact with them, 包括进行维修的流水线工人. Have a licensed electrician install the equipment necessary to safely connect emergency generators to your home.
  • 在室外操作发电机,远离开着的窗户, 通风口或门,以消除接触有害气体.
  • Store gasoline and other flammable liquids outside and away from heat and electrical sources.
  • 切勿在发电机运行时加油. To minimize the danger of fire, turn it off and let it cool at least 10 minutes.
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms with battery backup in the home, outside each sleeping area.


  • 尽管许多家庭院子里的变压器箱是安全的, 如果有人伸手进去,可能会致命. If you find a transformer box open or damaged, call 火博体育网址 immediately at 319-377-1587.
  • 不要爬上或靠近变压器箱.
  • 种植树木或灌木时, maintain 10 feet of clearance from the front of the transformer and one to three feet on all other sides to allow Cobb EMC access. Maintaining clearance also keeps roots from interfering with underground lines running to the transformer. Please refer to the sticker located on the transformer for clearance guidelines.


  • 在挖掘之前拨打8-1-1,了解下面是什么, 所以你不会接触到地下线路或变压器. 与电线接触可能意味着休克、受伤或死亡.
  • Look above for power lines and be mindful when using ladders, pool skimmers and other tall objects.
  • 与你家附近的电线保持至少10英尺的距离.
  • 切勿修剪电线附近的树木或灌木. 我们有专业人员安全、熟练地处理这项任务.
  • 在室外工作时不要火博体育网址室内延长线. 只能火博体育网址外用的.
  • Do not use electric equipment or yard tools if it is raining or the ground is wet. 电气设备应与潮湿区域保持至少10英尺的距离.
  • Ensure that your outdoor outlets are equipped with ground fault circuit interrupters. 如果没有,请安装或火博体育网址便携式GFCI.


  • Have a licensed, qualified heating technician maintain your furnace or heating system.
  • 更换加热系统过滤器,保持空气流通.
  • 更换烟雾探测器和一氧化碳报警器的电池.


电 & 输电线安全提示


  • 在靠近水的地方安装接地故障断路器, 包括浴室, 厨房, 车库, 地下室和室外.
  • Arc fault circuit interrupters should be installed directly in the breaker box to protect against fires caused by arcing faults in home electrical wiring.
  • 检查家里的电源插座是否有松动的插头, 墙板破损,电线丢失或磨损.
  • 不要用电器和适配器使插座过载.
  • 磨损、破裂或破损的电线应丢弃. 避免在地毯下或家中人流量大的地方放电线.
  • Remember that extension cords are intended for temporary use and should not act as permanent power supplies.
  • 避免火博体育网址超过推荐瓦数的灯泡.
  • 如果器具出现损坏或破损, 还是一再烧断保险丝, 拔掉插头,修理或更换.
  • Light switches that feel hot or spark should be immediately turned off and inspected by a qualified electrician.



  • 不要爬上树枝上有电线的树.
  • 任何时候都要远离架空和暴露的地下电线. 永远不要试图自己修理线路.
  • 在装修房屋时,不要靠近电线, 粉刷或更换壁板. 如果您需要在这些线路附近进行任何工作,请致电319-377-1587与我们联系.
  • Trees conduct electricity; avoid contact with them if they are making contact with any part of the electrical distribution system. 呼叫 火博体育网址 if you have trees touching lines and equipment at your home.
  • 不要试图从电线上移除风筝、树枝或其他物体. 火博体育网址以确保安全移除.



  • 保留紧急电话号码, 包括火博体育网址, 家里随时都有有线电话或移动电话. 无绳电话在停电时不能火博体育网址.
  • 手边要有电池供电的手电筒、收音机、时钟和备用电池.
  • 知道你的主断路器断开的地方.
  • 拔掉敏感电器的插头.


  • Report your outage to us by calling 319-377-1587 or toll free in Iowa at 1-800-332-5420. 您也可以通过我们的SmartHub应用程序报告和检查您的服务状态.
  • 拔掉尽可能多的电器插头. This will prevent damage from a power surge that may occur during power restoration.
  • 如果在室外,不要触摸或开车越过电线. 总是假设一条下降的线路通电.


  • If you have unplugged appliances, plug them back in one at a time once power has been restored.
  • 如果您看到线路下降或公用设备损坏,请立即与我们联系. 确保不要让人靠近. 永远要假设下降的线路是危险的,即使它没有跳跃或火花.
  • 不要试图协助公用事业人员. 看似帮助实际上会阻碍修复和安全工作.


  • Improperly installed emergency power generators can expose your family to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • 永远不要把发电机直接连接到家里的电线上. This can cause backfeeding along power lines and electrocute anyone coming in contact with them, 包括维修工人. Connecting the generator to your home’s circuits or wiring must be done by a qualified, licensed electrician who will install a transfer switch to prevent backfeeding.
  • 按照制造商的说明进行发电机的检查和维护.


如果你家的电力中断两小时或更短时间, 易腐烂的食物不应该是一个问题. When an outage is prolonged, it’s time to decide when to save and when to toss food away. Use these food safety tips to help you minimize food loss and reduce the risk of foodborne illness. 和 remember the American Red Cross food safety rule: “When in doubt, throw it out.”

  • Throw away food that’s been exposed to temperatures above 40 degrees F for two hours or more.
  • An unopened refrigerator keeps food cold for about four hours; food in a full freezer stays safe for about 48 hours.
  • 冷藏食物小贴士
  • 冷冻食品小贴士


  • 只火博体育网址经过安全测试并有UL标签的节日灯.
  • 检查每根灯芯是否有破损的插座, 磨损的电线, or faulty plugs; and always be sure to unplug the lights when replacing a bulb.
  • Don’t string together more than three standard-size sets of lights or you could risk overheating the circuit.
  • 插头与插座匹配. 不要强行将三口插头插入两口插座或延长线, 或者去掉第三根针.
  • 在睡觉或离开家之前一定要拔掉灯的插头.
  • Make sure extension cords are in good condition and are UL-approved cords rated to carry the electrical load you will connect to them.
  • 也, 将刚砍下的树木放置在远离热源的地方,例如热记录器, 壁炉, 散热器, and televisions; and water a fresh-cut tree frequently.


  • 在靠近管线的地方操作大型机械时,要火博体育网址监视器.
  • 检查农用设备的高度以确定间隙.
  • Look up and use care when moving any equipment such as extending augers or raising the bed of grain trucks around power lines.
  • Always set extensions to the lowest setting when moving loads to prevent contact with overhead lines. 谷物螺旋钻在移动前应始终水平放置.
  • 不要试图将电源线移开或抬高以进行清理.
  • If the machinery you are operating does make contact with a power line, stay on the equipment. Immediately call 911, warn others to stay away, and wait for the utility crew to cut the power.
  • Only on the rare occasion that the machinery catches fire should you leave the vehicle after contact is made. 如果是这样的话, jump off the equipment with your feet together and without touching the ground and machinery at the same time. 然后,保持双脚并拢,在离开该区域时跳到安全的地方. 不要触摸任何与电线接触的东西.


Never touch someone who has been electrocuted and is in contact with a power line. 立即拨打911! 不要试图移动电源线.

  • To report an outage, downed power lines or trees on lines, call 火博体育网址 at 319-377-1587
  • 有关一般安全问题或顾虑,请发电子邮件给我们.


火博体育网址属于我们所服务的人民. 这就是为什么我们称你们为会员,而不是顾客.